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A Retailer by Profession and Choice, I have been a miniscule part of the Great Indian Retail Story, that is yet to be told fully. This Blog is a humble attempt to record my thoughts and observations on Retail and will also act as a platform to discuss critical issues in this Industry. Please do pass by my Blog when you find time and yes, do leave your impressions after reading my texts.

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The thoughts and notes that are mentioned in my columns are solely mine and do not represent those of my employers (present or past). I take full personal responsibility to my writings, so feel free to contact me at shri611@gmail.com for feedback / comments. The photos used in my columns are mostly mine, while some have been collected from the Internet. I profusely thank those from whom I have borrowed; in case the original user has a concern, do let me know. Thank you for all your support and understanding.

Vande Bharath - Train experience

Travelled to Bangalore earlier this week. Having travelled innumerable times on Shatabdi earlier, the journey was more or less similar. The ...