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The “un-nano” Effect...

That the TATA Nano would be the world’s cheapest car was always news. While I was in Germany in June 2008, critics were arguing about the safety this car would provide – No Air Bags, No ABS... well, well. I had to tell them that the top speed that we do atleast in the metro cities (during peak hour traffic) is 40km/hr and the top speed on a NH (between Blr-Chn or Pune –Mum) would be 90 km/hr. One may cross this speed at times, but would have to brake often due to cattle and their owners freely strolling on the once “village roads” – now converted into eight lane highways! So, I would justify, that with the reliability backed by the TATAs, the space (and probably more of a M800), and pricing of two two-wheelers (for a household) and the comfort of four adults travelling together, this car is surely going to knock & rock every household across the country. Just like how its elder sibling did 10 years ago – like how auto rickshaw drivers slowly but surely migrated upwards to the