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Thank you: Karnataka Government; You are the best spoilsport.

The fuss continues – to be or not to be open after 11pm. The excise laws in the state of Karnataka make F&B outlets comply with a silly ruling that was brought into effect a few years ago. Reason? Roadside robbery, Killings, Drunken Driving and other Law and Order issues! This is not just cynical but also stupid, one would wonder. But not our friendly Babus who sit at the Soudha. They believe that the best way to curb the above mentioned menaces would be to shut F&B outlets by 11pm. And it was the same Government that held a Global Investors Meet early June which attracted the likes of Lakshmi Mittal, Vijay Mallya and many other investors from across the country and the world who have committed (although only an LoI) to invest over INR 40,000 Crores in the state. Bangalore is truly set to become a global city but the archaic laws would still prohibit dining after late hours! We are aiming for more BPOs, IT – ITES industries and knowledge workers who would work 24/7/365 and mana

Low Cost: It’s all about perception!

There is a famous saying doing the rounds in recent times: 19 th Century globally was about roadways, 20 th century was about railways and the 21 st century is all about airways. How true! Mainline media was abuzz over the past weekend about the most recent development in Indian Aviation – Sun Network owner Kalanidhi Maran had purchased a strategic stake in his personal capacity in Spicejet (IATA Code: SG), the second largest low-cost airline in the country by market share. While the deal has been on the table for over 3-4 months, the timing couldn’t have been better. Passenger and Cargo traffic is at an all time high since late – 2008 after the global recession and the US sub-prime crisis. Major airports such as Delhi IGI, Mumbai CSIA and Bengaluru International Airport are squeezed for space and the check-in / security queues during peak hours could take as high as 30 minutes per person. Spicejet, apart from other low-cost airlines such as Indigo, Go Air, etc. have been in opera

Breitling Navitimer – Rs. 280338*; Heritage Cow Ghee – Was Rs. 275, Now Rs. 227.

Many of you who read the “Mint” tabloid daily would have seen a surprise over the past few weeks. There is more advertising than ever, naturally since that is what most newspapers are all about. Thankfully, the columns from WSJ (with whom the newspaper has a strategic alliance in India) remain intact although in the last four pages of the paper. There is so much clutter, lots of entertainment, cinema and theatre, et al, what one wouldn’t usually find in a business newspaper such as this. My days are counted, how long I would subscribe to this daily!  One of the first things (eye-catchy and hence this article) that one would notice is the first-page silo – in advertising parlance, one of the highest money-spinners. Usually located on the right-side bottom of the first page of the newspaper, the rates for this spot are among the highest, given that they receive enormous attention from readers and browsers alike. One would usually notice Luxury Products advertised here as this creates