Penny wise

What is money for you?
Money for me is a means to achieve "material possessions". It does keep self and some others around happy for a short period of time though...

What do you splurge on?
Watches, Gadgets for self, home and car. Once in a while on a great meal.

Most Expensive holiday...
Till date has been the one we went in 2008 on a 12 day trip to Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore!

You invest in...
People! Well, cash has been on Real Estate and some liquid investments.

Where do you keep your hard-earned money?
On EMIs. :-) If there is still left in the saving's account, it is transferred to another dormant account.

How do you teach kids the value of money?
Mine is too young for now, but sure would practice than preach.

Who manages your money?
Mine by me; our's by my CA better-half.

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