24 May, 2009

We are One!

22.30 hrs. 24 May 2008.
I was walking from the Arrival Hall all the way upto the International Dep. area. The first flight was about to land anytime and in just a few minutes from then, precisely at 12.05 hrs, the first flight would Depart from our Airport. Adrenalin pumping all around with excitemet and enthusiasm on everyone's faces, that was one night which is among the most memorable ones in my life.
22.30 hrs. 25 May 2009.
Recalling those wonderful moments a year later. Can't beleive Time flies. Quite literally in this case.
The Anniversary or rather our "Happy Birthday" was celebrated with style, enthusiasm and compassion. On Saturday, 23 May 2009, BIAL organized a day's tour for a bunch of bubbly children who are part of Visthar, an NGO that's working towards the betterment of economically challenged. 75 children between the age group 06-14 were brought to our Airport and were later taken to the Apron (parking area for aircrafts). They just couldnt control the excitement they were upto even as they were queing up for a Security Check.
Then, they were ferried by one of the Coaches to - guess what, a Kingfisher Airbus A330- yes, the same Jumbo that flies Bangalore to London... There was a MC who played little games with them and the ever smiling Kingfisher crew served'em lunch onboard. Commendable it was, to see that they served their rare "Guests" in the same impeccable way in which they do otherwise. Wow. I was touched by all the hospitality the girls showed. My profound thanks to the entire team that made it a very memorabble day for these children.
The children wouldn't leave her away from their sight. They hugged her, kissed her, held her arms and spent over two hours together. Until they all reached the venue for the Painting competition that was organized by Odyssey.
All the children enthusiastically participated in the event, that was segregated for two age groups - for those under 9 years of age, it was a coloring contest and for those who were above 9 years of age, it was a painting contest. And the theme was "their day at the airport". The winning entries showed the memories the children have carried back.

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